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Hey, guys.

I haven't posted in a bit, so I figure I'll put up another one of those discussion-stirrin' questions.

Last night, I spent a good hour of my life sparring with some good friends -- Life had gotten irritating again, and I needed to focus. And the way I chose to find focus was to ask my martial artist friends to play-fight, to exercise our skills in a sort of fighter's knowledge-exchange. And in the end, after using my shins to block one too many kicks, I came out a sore Pete. But a happier, stronger Pete, as well.

Continuing with my tread of "what do you do when ____?" posts... What do you do when you feel directionless and need to be centered? Just, something to do that brings you focus. For me, it's martial arts -- especially exchanges with close friends, where we both come out of it smarter and more capable of defending ourselves. I guess it's a good representation of duality and context -- violent actions bringing about emotional and physical harmony.


I make lists like a whore.

Lists of what I want to do, need to do, need to stop doing. In paper every colour of the rainbow and pretty markers. And then I stick them up everywhere, don't change a damn thing, and feel like my life has found its meaning again.

Also, I typically head to my kamidana to center myself and get things back under control. Or I have Dani speak Japanese to me until I feel serene and...myself again.
I make so many lists too, it helps me feel organized and purposeful.
Wow. Good question.

I'm not sure I can answer that right now. I think I know, but I'm not sure I can articulate it properly.

Allow me to ruminate awhile on it. I'm sure it will help me to focus.

Oh...a clue. hehehe. :)
I usually have a week or so of extreme stress, but when I really feel lost, I crawl into my boyfriend's arms and remind myself that even if I don't have an exact direction, I have someone that will hold my hand as we walk it together.
I make so many lists too, it helps me feel organized and purposeful.
sorry! meant to post that further up.
Visualisations. Sometimes of something I want, sometimes of something calming and cleansing to me personally. It always brings me back in line. ♥
I sit down and have a cup of tea. Simple, but surprisingly effective. I like to focus on the hot feeling filling my throat and tummy.
Physical is supposed to be great...I hear it all the time.
If I'm not too overwhelmed, I'll play my on-line multiplayer trivia game. There is a very small and friendly community that stimulates me to the point of silliness and hoo-haa-ery. The challenge of the game and the constant back and forth chatter among us makes me focus on how much fun I'm having. It just brings out that side of me. They may not know it, but they are life-savers...
Thanks for reminding me how it's the little things in life that mean and do so much.
Physical *is* great if you have the mind for it, and have very understanding friends. The benefit is also entirely dependent on approach.

Some tips, if you have a martial arts background: Find a close friend that you can trust who is on your own skill level, or better than you. Explain that you just wanna work out some frustrations and spar lightly.
Don't focus on wailing away at your buddy -- instead, just focus on landing clean, well-executed strikes. Perfectly even give-and-take at a slow pace is therapeutic as all hell, because no one gets hurt and you tire yourselves out.

If you *don't* have a martial arts background, I'd heartily recommend picking one up. There are lots of styles that are useful as methods of self-improvement, rather than "oh shit, Imma beat the fuck out of you."

On the other subject: ... trivia game? D: Which one? Having a gigantic help_them_heal gamefest might actually help us all unwind from our daily lives.

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