shi_no_genzou (shi_no_genzou) wrote in help_them_heal,


There are moments in my life when I hit rock bottom -- things seem terrible, I become self-deprecating, and I stew in my own misery until someone wraps their arms around my waist and forcibly removes me from those pits.

When I'm dragged from those pits of despair, I'm usually taken with this level of clarity that almost bothers me, because I get these weird tangential (not tangenital, Ava) thoughts that I never jot down due to their abstract nature.

Today, hopefully for the benefit of all, I'm going to try to push them into coherent phrases.

Smile. Just for a brief, brief moment, smile. Smile because right now, in this community, you are surrounded on all sides by pure, honest, loving individuals. People that you can sit there and hand your heart to when everything else in the world seems dead set on breaking it, knowing that they'll hold it in their hands and try their best to keep it from crumbling. To keep you from crumbling, regardless of who or what you are. Smile because within this ragtag group of individuals, there's a resolute strength that can only come from the unique positions we've all been put through.

Smile because here, among these new friends... no matter who you are, no matter what your personal identity is, no matter if you are an abuse survivor or the friend of one or both... you are loved. Indiscriminately, unconditionally, all-encompassingly loved and supported. It's this feeling that makes me come here and post and vent my vulnerabilities to everyone. Because I know that everyone here honestly and sincerely wants to help. It feels less like a group of total strangers knit together in a community, and more like a group of extended family that I just wasn't quite aware of yet. And for that, I am thankful. I am thankful to know all of you. I am thankful to be here to try to help all of you as you have helped me. And I want everyone here to always remember that they are loved, wholeheartedly and honestly.

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