shi_no_genzou (shi_no_genzou) wrote in help_them_heal,

Hey, guys.

I haven't posted in a bit, so I figure I'll put up another one of those discussion-stirrin' questions.

Last night, I spent a good hour of my life sparring with some good friends -- Life had gotten irritating again, and I needed to focus. And the way I chose to find focus was to ask my martial artist friends to play-fight, to exercise our skills in a sort of fighter's knowledge-exchange. And in the end, after using my shins to block one too many kicks, I came out a sore Pete. But a happier, stronger Pete, as well.

Continuing with my tread of "what do you do when ____?" posts... What do you do when you feel directionless and need to be centered? Just, something to do that brings you focus. For me, it's martial arts -- especially exchanges with close friends, where we both come out of it smarter and more capable of defending ourselves. I guess it's a good representation of duality and context -- violent actions bringing about emotional and physical harmony.
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